Twining, Inc. Acquires RADCO, A Professional Plan Review, Inspection, Testing, Product Evaluation and Listing Company

As the construction industry develops ever more complex and remarkable building systems and infrastructure technologies, Twining, Inc. is expanding its capabilities by acquiring Resources Applications, Designs & Controls, Inc. (RADCO), a professional plan review, inspection, product evaluation, testing, and listing company. This transaction will enable Twining, already a leading provider of construction materials testing and inspection services, to provide a broader range of services to the construction industry which fits into Twining’s strategy to expand its core service lines into complementary fields. This purchase will enable Twining to provide professional product evaluation, testing, and listing services to clients nationwide.

Founded in 1967, Long Beach, California-based RADCO is a nationally recognized independent third-party testing, listing and inspection agency for building systems and materials and a nationally recognized Design Review & Inspection Agency for manufactured and modular homes and buildings.

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Robert M. Ryan
President Twining, Inc.

“Joining the Twining Group of Companies was the right move as we looked to continue the growth and success of RADCO,” said Michael Zieman Chairman and CEO of RADCO. “We look forward to expanding our reach within our core competencies and seizing new opportunities made possible through our affiliation with Twining.” Zieman will continue to guide the RADCO team. “Knowing that RADCO and Twining share core values in our commitment to professional expertise, personal relationships with our customers, and integrity in all our dealings with clients and team members helped to make this decision easy.”

RADCO now TI RADCO, LLP; doing business as RADCO, a Twining Company; will partner primarily with Applied Engineering and Research, a member of the Twining Group of Companies, to reach a broader spectrum of product developers, agencies, and code compliance regulators, to provide more expansive product evaluation and materials sciences services. Twining’s President, Robert Ryan, has led the outreach and negotiations in this transaction.

Michael Zieman
Chairman, CEO RADCO

“We could scarcely be more excited to bring RADCO, Inc., a national leader in product testing and listing, mobility device quality control, plan approval, and many other services into the Twining Group of Companies,” said Mr. Ryan. “This acquisition will open many new doors for Twining, for Mike Zieman, and the great people of RADCO. We look forward to many opportunities to work together to demonstrate that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

About Twining, Inc.
Twining, Inc., based in Long Beach, is the leading provider of construction quality control and engineering services in California. Through its Statewide network of offices, Twining provides geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and special inspection, stormwater management, concrete mix design and evaluation, specialty testing, asphalt pavement quality assurance, asphalt pavement design and materials evaluations, and applied engineering and research services. To learn more about Twining, Inc. visit www.twininginc.com.

TI RADCO, LLP; doing business as RADCO, a Twining Company; is a nationally recognized independent third-party testing, listing, and inspection agency for building systems and materials as well as a nationally recognized Design Review & In-plant Inspection Agency for HUD Code Manufactured Homes and factory built modular structures. To learn more about RADCO visit www.radcoinc.com.

Talin Espinoza, SVP