Mobility Equipment Vehicles

General Information:

RADCO is proud of our long-term relationship with the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) and the California Department of Rehabilitation (CA DOR). As a nationally recognized third-party inspection agency, RADCO conducts dealership audits to verify NMEDA accredited locations are compliant with ADA and NMEDA QAP requirements.  As a third party, RADCO also maintains label reporting data for NMEDA dealer label reporting requirements.

Our knowledgeable and helpful RADCO auditors are NMEDA-certified technicians and have obtained certifications from adaptive equipment manufacturers.

RADCO supports and benefits NMEDA and its members by sharing our professional expertise with NMEDA, promoting NMEDA to various state agencies, and participating in the annual NMEDA Conference to introduce our friendly auditors and audit processes to the dealer members.

Our experts are always available to answer any questions NMEDA members have about the auditing process. RADCO is here to help, by creating a partnership and relationships in the auditing process, which makes for a more comfortable audit visit, and helps dealers evaluate their business processes and maintain compliance through a documented assessment.


  • Facility Inspection and Certification (Remote and/or On-Site)
  • Industry Certified Auditors
  • NMEDA QAP Auditing

Industry Organizations

  • ANSI
  • ASTM

Expert Interpretation of the Following Standards and Guidelines

  • NMEDA Guidelines and QAP Rules
  • CA DOR Specifications for Adaptive Driving Equipment (SADE)
  • SAE Standards