Manufactured Housing Program (HUD)

The Design Approval Primary Inspection Agencies (DAPIAs) approves manufactured home designs for compliance with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. The Inspection Primary Inspection Agencies (IPIAs) inspects manufactured home facilities to ensure that in-plant quality assurance systems continue to build conforming homes.

RADCO is fully approved by HUD as a DAPIA (plan review agency) and IPIA (inspection agency) in the Federal Manufactured Housing program since its inception in 1976. RADCO also served on the HUD Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCC). RADCO maintains a good standing with HUD and IBTS, and has held an “Adequate” rating on its performance for more than ten years.

Our plan review has evolved over the years to meet our clients’ needs and specifications. We use state-of-the-art technologies to accommodate the fast turnaround time for approvals to help our clients keep their edge in this competitive market. They range from e-mail transactions of work orders to electronic stamping, as well as feedback on a job’s status. Even with this technology, we still maintain our immediate one-on-one personal support for our clients, either in person or over the telephone. Our latest technology is real-time Virtual DAPIA. The client can choose to have their packages accessed via a secure website to review, search, and print any of their approved documents.

RADCO strives to provide the closest inspector to your location. As a result, our experienced inspectors are available for inspections across the country, in order to help you make a more affordable products.