Live Test Broadcast

Our goal is to provide you the best experience in the industry! We offer our clients a secure way to witness tests being performed live in our facility via the web. This will save time, expense and inconvenience of traveling across the country in some cases, to witness a test that often takes a short time to run.

Many manufacturers lack the equipment and personnel to run tests, and product development is delayed since the material has to be sent to the lab, and the R&D department has to rely on the test report and photographs to evaluate the results.

With live testing, the scientist or engineer can watch the test and see for themselves how the material reacts, and observe critical details on how the product behaves, details that may not necessarily be included in the test report.

Clients also have the option of having the test recorded and uploaded to a secure site, where they can watch the test at their convenience, using nothing but an ordinary browser…no specialized software or configuration from your IT department is required. Please contact your account representative to find out more about this service.