ICC-ES Committee Field Trip

The ICC-ES committee took a field trip to RADCO to get a better understanding of how testing laboratories and inspection agencies operate.

Eight committee members and seven ICC-ES staff engineers visited RADCO on Thursday Feb 16th, 2012.

Mike Zieman, RADCO President & CEO, kicked off the event with an introduction to RADCO, briefly recounting RADCO’s history and giving an overview of services provided. Several tests such as a wind load test, water penetration test, axial load test, peel adhesion test and hydrostatic pressure test were demonstrated. The committee was then given an outline of RADCO’s inspection and follow-up services, followed by a question and answer session.

Jay Mishra, RADCO Vice President said, “The committee and staff left with a better understanding of laboratory and inspection agency operations, and the demonstrations also clarified some issues which ICC-ES staff had on several tests.”


Committee and Staff Engineers at RADCO



Thank you for your hospitality and for being a part of a great tour for our committee members. They enjoyed it and I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of all the RADCO staff we met. It was evident they enjoy their work and take pride in doing it well. – James F. Collins Jr. Ph.D., P.E., Director of Engineering, ICC Evaluation Service

I would also like to echo Jim’s thanks to you and the rest of the RADCO staff for the hospitality you showed to our Evaluation Committee and staff. Seeing your laboratory activities and hearing from you about your QA activities with our report holders helps our committee better understand our program and their work, by seeing and hearing from others involved in the process. – Gary G. Nichols, PE, SECB, Vice President, Birmingham Operations, ICC Evaluation Service