Forensic & Expert Witness Services

Forensic Engineering is the investigation of materials, products, structures, or components that fail or do not operate or function as intended, causing personal injury or damage to property. The consequences of failure are dealt with by the law of product liability.  Often this work leads to giving depositions and/or court testimony.

As our expertise covers an array of structures, building materials, and building systems, RADCO offers the following services to both plaintiffs and defendants alike:

  • Mechanical systems of all types.
  • Fuel burning (solid, liquid & gas) industrial, commercial, and residential equipment and appliances.
  • Building code experts (ICC Building & Fire; Manufactured Homes HUD Standards and Regulations, Mobile Homes, and Recreational Vehicles).
  • Building Components such as SIPS panels, exterior siding (vinyl, etc.), exterior finishes (EIFS, etc.), foam insulation (EPS, XPS, etc.), roofing materials, underlayments, flashings, vapor retarders, air barriers, skylights, etc.