RADCO is an engineering firm providing solutions to the Building Product Industry for 50 years. We are a testing laboratory accredited under ISO 17025 and a third party inspection agency accredited under ISO 17020 by IAS (International Accreditation Services), part of ICC. We also serve the Factory Built Industry as an accredited provider of Third Party Plan Review and Inspection Services in all jurisdictions. In addition, RADCO has the capability to provide Concrete Anchor Testing. We are accredited to perform all tests called for in the following standards:

ACI 355.2 Qualification of post-installed mechanical anchors in concrete.

ACI 355.4.11 Qualification of post-installed adhesive anchors in concrete.

ASTM E488 Standard test methods for strength of anchors in concrete elements. 

ASTM E1190 Standard test methods for strength of power-actuated fasteners installed in structural members. 

ASTM E1512 Standard test methods for testing bond performance of bonded anchors.

ICC ES AC01 Expansion anchors in masonry elements.

ICC ES AC58 Adhesive anchors in masonry elements.

ICC ES AC70 Power-actuated fasteners driven into concrete, steel, and masonry elements.

ICC ES AC106 Predrilled fasteners in masonry.

ICC ES AC308 Post-installed adhesive anchors in concrete elements. 

ICC ES AC193 Mechanical anchors in concrete elements.