RADCO, Past, Present & Future

RADCO is a nationally recognized Independent Third-party Testing, Listing and Inspection Agency for building systems and materials and a nationally recognized Design Approval & Plan Inspection Agency (DAPIA) for manufactured and modular homes and buildings. RADCO also has extensive experience in approval programs for gas systems and special flame effects used in the entertainment industry.

Founded in 1967 as a service oriented engineering company, RADCO established its test laboratory and listing capability in early 1970. Additionally, RADCO provided plan check and inspection services for factory built structures (including recreational vehicles) under numerous federal and state programs, which recognize third party agencies. Moving forward RADCO served the manufactured Housing industry under the HUD program since its inception in 1976, in 1980 RADCO started its gas-testing laboratory for gas systems and special flame effects.

RADCO has grew in its services as well as its geographical coverage, headquartered in Long Beach, California, it expanded to having branch offices in Goshen, IN, Phoenix, AZ, Seagrove, NC and Tampa, FL., RADCO is uniquely positioned to provide services swiftly and economically from one of these locations to clients across the country.

RADCO’s key personnel have served as expert witnesses on numerous legal cases dealing with building system(s) performance, code interpretations, gas appliances and other applications.

RADCO looks forward to expand its services and to better serve its clients with state of the art technologies as well as with more experience and knowledge.



RADCO is recognized as a Testing Laboratory (TL-209) and as a Quality Assurance Inspection Agency (AA-650) by the IAS (International Accreditation Service, Inc.). These approvals supersede RADCO’s previous approvals from the NES and the ICBO-ES. Both of RADCO’s IAS approvals are recognized internationally. This recognition means that RADCO’s test reports and QA inspections are fully accepted in other countries around the world, including Canada, Mexico, the Pacific Rim countries such as Australia, Japan & South Korea and in Europe.

RADCO provides a product listing service with follow-up inspections and it’s testing and listing capabilities are recognized by many Cities, Counties and States, including California, Arizona, Washington, City of Denver, etc.

RADCO is an administrator for the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) ‘Accu-R’ program for Expanded Polystyrene Insulation and for the HUD Use of Materials Programs, UM 71A and UM 101.

RADCO is fully approved by HUD as a DAPIA (Design Approval Primary Inspection Agency) and IPIA (Inspection Primary Inspection Agency) in the federal Manufactured Housing program. RADCO also serves on the HUD Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCC). RADCO is also fully recognized as a 3rd Party plan review and inspection agency for factory built (modular) residential and commercial structures by the IBC (Industrialized Building Commission) and all states with such programs.